El Capitan, The Nose Trip Report

Between June 13th and June 17th, I climbed the Nose with the Norwegian (aka Oyvind) and my Ohioan buddy Mike. Below is a short video highlighting some photos and GoPro footage we captured. Plus, we got some footage of Alex Honnold climbing Changing Corners during their world record on June 17th. Thank you to all the CCC for providing guidance and encouragment in the years leading up to this!

Also, special thanks to Sonja for letting us use her GoPro!

Leap Trip Report June 9-10

For Real CrackWe had a good turnout at the Leap, with 14 people.  Conditions were great, with familiar route names on the tick list.  The planets were cruel to the Pauls, however.  Paul Stucky forgot to bring his warm clothes, and he and Mark I had to turn around in Placerville and go back to Paul's place in Davis to get the stuff.  On the up side, they got to explore a new 5.9 route on Dear John Buttress that's shown in Supertopo.  I forgot my tent poles and only averted marital meltdown by pressing into service one of the backbacking tents I brought to secure sites--otherwise I might still be up there today!

Royal Arches Trip Report

First Pitch of Royal ArchesMark Ingles and I [Paul M] climbed Royal Arches a couple of weeks ago [May 12], and a few people have asked about it, and others have expressed some interest, so I thought I'd provide some information for anybody interested.

First Valley Trip of 2012

La Cosita LeftAh! The first club Valley weekend of the season! What a great trip with a big turnout. Many of us traveled up on Friday morning to squeeze in a bonus day of climbing. We were greeted by warm temps, sunshine, and lush green scenery as we approached the Valley. Not to mention the raging Merced River and the waterfalls that drain into it. Sonja, myself and two visitors to the club stopped to climb at Reeds Pinnacle and Five and Dime on our way into the Valley. The pull-out was abnormally full (especially for a Friday morning!) and we just barely squeezed in. We clamored up The Original Route (5.9, two pitches), bruised our knees on Bongs away left (5.8 OW), and attempted (and failed) a clean ascent of Stone Groove (10b).

Joshua Tree Trip Report Part 2

Leslie on Overhang BypassThree more days of climbing and 20+ more routes on the collective list.  The weather has been colder and windier than earlier in the week.  Wednesday we were in Indian Cove, which is usually a little warmer.  Thursday we went back into the main park and were mostly in the Hidden Valley Campgrounds.  Today, Friday, we went to Playhouse and Hemmingway but by mid-afternon we had to stop when it started hailing.  Øyvind and Øyvind joined us Friday evening for dinner as they near the end of a two week climbing trip.

Joshua Tree Trip Report

The first CCC climbing trip of the 2012 season has started out great.  Ann, Lea, Tim and I arrived Saturday night and got three great days of climbing in the main park.  The days are warm with a light breeze to keep it from getting too hot.

During the first three days, our collective route list includes:

The Norwegians are climbing El cap

What type of trad climbing do you like the most?

Are you safe?

By Dan Zimmerlin (Article originally from the CCC newsletter, The Crag)

Of course you are. You have been climbing for a fair length of time and have had no problems. A record of safety does indicate something. One big thing is that you probably have the good judgment not to get into bad situations. But what if something does go wrong, despite judgment? Will you know how to deal with it? And what about your partners? What do you know about them? Sure, you have known some of them for quite a while. You know what they know and you know they have good judgment. That is one reason they are your friends. But what about the others? The ones you don't know so well? What do they know?

Educational Climbs - Part 1

By Dan Zimmerlin

So, you want to learn how to climb. You want to prepare to do the classic, traditional free climbs. Many books have been written about technique, anchors, placing protection, etc.. But obviously you aren't going to learn to climb by only reading about it. You are going to have to get out there and do some climbs. But what climbs? Well, the ratings help some. But if you really want to learn you are going to have to choose the right climbs, the ones that will help you learn.


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