Beginner's Slab

Berkeley Boulders
Indian Rock

Beginner's Slab is the low angle slab above the stairs on the northeast side of Indian Rock. Pretty much any line one takes goes easily with both hands and as far as I know none has been individually identified with a name. (Two are shown in the video.) Various lines done one-handed and no-hands on Beginner's Slab are also quite classic, having been done as early as the 1930's.

Great caution should be taken on Beginner's Slab, as the landing is quite bad. Many bones have been broken here by climbers falling onto the stairs. Real beginners might benefit from a top rope. But even experienced boulderers should have a partner provide a good spot when trying some of the harder variations as it is hard to recover from falling over backward. Alternatively, traversing the wall from right to left, rising parallel to the steps, allows good practice with the security of being able to step off at any point.

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