Ellie May

Berkeley Boulders
Indian Rock
Jugs Overhang

Ellie May is one of the eliminate problems on Jugs Overhang, the slightly overhanging wall just around the corner to the right of The Pit. It is one of a series of newer classic problems called the Beverly Hillbilly problems that all use a rounded hold in the middle of the wall called the Clampett hold, apparently because you have to "clamp it."

Ellie May starts with hands on a pair of good holds a little above the big block on the left. Step up with the left foot onto a small bump on the lower face. Then the right foot goes on a hold about two feet higher on the face. Reach across with the left hand to the rounded Clampett hold, the smallest of the set of holds a little higher and to the right (as shown in the video). Rock up on the right foot and reach up and right to the vertical edge known as the Snatch hold. Step up and finish by reaching the Bar, the horizontal hold on the lip of the overhang. Exit up or left.

There are numerous other Beverly Hillbilly problems that utilize the Clampett hold on Jugs Overhang. All follow specific sequences and have names like Jethro and Miss Hathaway.

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