Far Left Watercourse

Berkeley Boulders
Indian Rock
The Pit

The Watercourse is the section of rock to the right of the chimney at the back of the Pit, under the large I Boulder that rests above. Numerous problems go up this section of rock, a few of which are classic. The Far Left Watercourse is nearest the chimney. Several variations exist which use the same basic set of holds. The most classic starts with left hand wrapped around a rounded hold with a thumb catch and the right hand on the only good hold on the face to the right, the same hold used by the left hand for the Opposition Problem (see problem 15 Opposition). Starting with either foot, step up with the left foot to the hold that forms a small right facing corner and with the right foot to the good ledge. Lieback off the left and stand up tall to reach with the right hand to the left side of the one good hold high above. Move the left hand up a few inches to an undercling/lieback hold and adjust your right hand slightly right to the better part of the same hold, the part of the hold known as the Bun. Step up and reach high to decent holds to the left of the large circular bucket. Finish by grabbing the circular bucket with your right and descend by traversing into the chimney on the left.


Tall people may adjust in several ways. Most significantly, it is good to use a foothold below the good ledge for the right foot (as shown in the video) to avoid getting scrunched up. Tall people can also avoid the first left handhold by starting on the lieback/undercling (again as shown in the video). This skips a great move, liebacking a really lousy sloper. It is also possible for tall people to reach directly to the Bun (as shown in the video), whereas people of more normal stature will need to grab the lower part of the hold on the left. And people of more diminutive stature (under 5'5"?) may be simply out of luck as it is a long reach without much alternative.

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