Flake Traverse

Berkeley Boulders
Indian Rock
Jugs Overhang

The Flake Traverse follows an obvious line of holds diagonally up and left starting on right side of Jugs Overhang, the slightly overhanging wall just around the corner to the right of The Pit. Ideally one works up and left on the "flakes" with the feet on the face above the large protruding rock below, not on the big rock. But most people use the protruding rock to get up to the upper end of the series of flakes. Once there, cross your hands so the right is on the last good flake and the left below it. Backstep with the left foot on the horizontal hold on the face and the right foot pushing on the right. Reach far to the left to the small horizontal edge high on the face. Either crimp it with all 5 fingers or pinch with the thumb on the vertical edge to the right. Step through with your right foot to the good horizontal hold on the face and either flag your left foot or step left onto good holds. Then reach with the right hand to the vertical edge called the Snatch hold or under to the curved edge called the Ear. Finish by reaching the Bar, the horizontal hold on the lip of the overhang. For a stylish finish, you can reach under directly to the Bar (as shown in the video), but this is definitely trickier.

The Flake Traverse is definitely height dependent. Tall people can reach directly to the Ear, skipping the crux. This is not doing the problem. People who do not have sufficient reach can do a variation by reaching the lower vertical edge, called the Snatch hold, then bumping up. This is significantly harder.