Indian Rock Traverse near stairs

Berkeley Boulders
Indian Rock

The Indian Rock Traverse encircles the entire main Indian Rock, in either direction. A very popular section of this traverse starts after turning the corner out of The Pit and runs down to the bottom of the rock, alongside Indian Rock Path, and back again. Of this, the section near the lower stairs on Indian Rock Path is notable. Several problems traverse this section, as well as several going vertically. The most classic problem traverses fairly high (as shown in the video), using a distinct horizontal hold about 10 feet above the deck. Use this to move right until you can reach down to good holds that allow you to lower down and right.

Other ways of traversing this section include a low traverse that is fairly difficult, and an even higher traverse that isn't that hard but is scary due to the height and uneven landing. Linking these with the regular way, back and forth, makes Circles or Figure-8s up and down this one section of rock. Doing these, or just going back and forth on the traverse, provides an excellent workout for the fingers and forearms.