Medium-Low Corner

Berkeley Boulders
Indian Rock
The Pit

The Indian Rock Traverse encircles the entire main Indian Rock, in either direction. One interesting section is turning the corner out of The Pit. There are numerous Corner problems, some quite esoteric. The easiest uses the good ledge about 9 feet up. The three classic Corner problems are progressively more difficult the lower one keeps to the ground. Each of the Corner problems also goes right to left, into The Pit.

The Med-low Corner is lower than the Regular corner. In particular, it does not use the slippery foothold on the edge of the corner, only lower ones. The Med-low Corner is distinguished by a small, sharp handhold on the edge of the corner (as shown in the video). Grasp it with your right hand, shuffle your feet around until the right is on a good ledge around the corner, then lieback with the left and reach the large hold around the corner.