One Handhold Problem

Berkeley Boulders
Indian Rock
Drinking Fountain Wall

There are a number of problems, on the low wall to the left of the drinking fountain that use only a single handhold before reaching the top. The most classic are the Finger Mantle Problem (see problem 05 Finger Mantle) and this one that I refer to as the Original One Handhold Problem. Start by placing both hands on the good hold at about mid-height, somewhat left of the bulge. Walk your feet up on small holds (all big footholds are off-route) until you can balance and reach the top with both hands, without using any intermediate holds. For the stylish finish, let go of the handhold and reach the top with both hands simultaneously (as shown in the video).

This problem can be done one-handed, either left or right, as harder variations. Just be sure to use the same hand to grab the top as you used on the handhold!