Opposition Problem

Berkeley Boulders
Indian Rock
The Watercourse

This is another classic in the section of rock to the right of the chimney in The Pit known as the Watercourse. There are many problems of varying difficulty up the center of The Watercourse. This is one of the easiest.

Start with your left hand on the good hold on the face to the left, the same hold used for a right handhold for the start of Far Left Watercourse. Step up to the low ledge on the right and step fairly high on the left to biggest hold on the left. Put your right palm on any of a couple of holds on the face to right, and with a straight right elbow, press up (as shown in the video), floating the right leg. Reach up with the left to a sharp edge on the face above known as the Smile for its crescent shape, though nowadays it is more of a cracked smile. Stem out with your right foot to any small edge on the face and match hands on the Smile. Step up and with your left hand grab the Bun, the rounded hump on the left (move not shown, but the chalked hold is visible in the video). Easier moves lead to the circular bucket and descent left to the chimney.