Traverse of Drinking Fountain Wall

Berkeley Boulders
Indian Rock
Drinking Fountain Wall

This problem is located on the low wall to the left of the drinking fountain near the front of Indian Rock Park. This wall is sometimes referred to as Drinking Fountain Wall.

The easiest variation traverses this wall from left to right and back again, using both hands, but staying close to the ground. The traditional traverse is so close to the ground, in fact, that excessive piling of wood chips has covered some of the footholds. These are frequently, but not always, dug out. The crux is passing the slight bulge about mid-way. For a slightly more challenging variation do the traverse with only one hand, first one (either left or right), then the other. A significantly harder variation is to do the traverse with no hands. (The beginning of this variation is shown in the video, though not the crux.)