Ability to lead 5.10d overhanging, thin finger cracks is not one of our requirements for membership. In fact, if you're a 5.4 climber, you know that is your level and you can climb it safely, you can become a member of our club. When you first contact us and and join our mailing list, you've made an important first step!

Our membership requirements are:

(1) To have climbed with at least one member of our club on a club trip. A signed Liability Release is required before participating in CCC Climbing.

(2) To be a safe climber. During your first climbs with the club, your level of safety will be watched carefully, and the club member that you are climbing with will be trying to evaluate both your safety and judgment. You should be aware of what you know and don't know, and act accordingly. Most intermediate rock climbing instruction teaches material up to the level that we require.

(3) To be interested in participating and contributing to the club. You should get to know the club and its members well enough to decide that you wish to participate in club events. And contribute by organizing trips and events, and helping with campsite reservations, or at least be enthusiastic enough that we know you would do so if called upon.

(4) To be recommended by members for membership. When you indicate your readiness to become a member, you need to be recommended by at least two (2) club members and your recommendation will be discussed at a club business meeting. Your recommenders will be the members that you have climbed with. Some people become members within a month and some take a couple of years, average would be about a year.

That's all!

A word of caution new members do not necessarily lead climb! Most have had some experience at the "sharp end", but some have had none. So for non-members, you can't call up any member and expect them to be able to lead you up "Astroman" (very few members could!), or even "Munginella".

I'm interested in becoming a full-fledged member, how do I do this?

Here are some recommendations on how most people have become members: Send us an email telling us about yourself and your interest and experience in climbing and how members can contact you. Join the mailing list and sign a liability release prior to climbing with the CCC. Attend one of the gym nights in the San Francisco Bay Area and get to know a few members. Climb out of town with us on two or three different weekends. After you've climbed with some CCC members, you can be considered for full club membership. Ask your CCC partners to recommend you for membership. For less experienced climbers, it may take several seasons to develop the skills and confidence to be a competent climber. The CCC, specifically its more experienced members, can help you learn these skills and build your confidence. Since the club relies entirely on the volunteer efforts of members, we hope that new members will become active leaders and participate in organizing club activities.